Hanover College Mission and Department Philosophy

Mission Statement 

Hanover College is a challenging and supportive community whose members take responsibility for lifelong inquiry, transformative learning, and meaningful service.

Athletic Department Philosophy 

 In the spirit of the mission of Hanover College, the College's Athletic Department is committed to supporting all of Hanover’s student-athletes in their pursuit of excellence in the classroom, campus community, and field of play. To this end, the College provides opportunities for student-athletes to supplement their academic achievements with experiences on the court, track, and field of play. In addition, the College encourages student athletes to participate in service activities that benefit both the campus and the surrounding community. The varsity athletic programs at Hanover College are designed to provide a variety of opportunities for the men and women of the College to develop themselves physically, to learn the value of teamwork and the skills necessary for depending on the other members of their team whose unique skills and background are likely to be different from their own, to develop habits of commitment and hard work, and to experience the challenge of first-rate athletic competition. The coaches and athletic staff at Hanover College are committed to treating men and women equally, to encouraging and promoting fair play and good sportsmanship in all competitions, and to maintaining the highest standards of ethical behavior both on the court and in their strict adherence to all conference and NCAA rules. The Department of Athletics is dedicated to providing each student-athlete with tools necessary to be successful in life. In keeping with the NCAA Division III philosophy, athletes at Hanover are not treated differently from other Hanover students in terms of admission, scholarships, or graduation requirements, and student athletes are never given special privileges or considerations that are not available to other students either inside or outside of the classroom. The athletic opportunities offered to Hanover students through these programs are designed to enhance the students’ academic progress, and at no point will athletics take priority over the students’ overall academic goals and focus.