Alex Makin




"Alex is the best thing that has happened to Hanover College since I have worked here.  He has a positive impact on hundreds of student-athletes every day. His role is much larger than strength coach.  He is an important resource and mentor for our athletes and he adds extreme value to their Hanover experience. Alex has helped our students grow as athletes, students, and people. Alex is a massive part of the success Men’s Soccer has experienced."

-Matt Wilkerson, Head Men's Soccer Coach


"Alex has impacted the women’s basketball program immensely. His vision for each athlete on the team is unique to their abilities.  He has definitely reduced injury on my team and the women respect and work hard for Alex each session. Alex has been a great asset to the entire athletic department at Hanover."

-John Jones, Head Women's Basketball Coach


"Alex has been an extremely valuable addition to the volleyball program this year. He is very competent and has taken the time to understand the functional movement pattern required to be a high level volleyball player. He has worked with the team as a whole and individuals on a one-on-one basis to assist with muscle imbalances and movement restrictions to prevent injuries both in the weight room and on the court. He continues to go above and beyond to make our strength and conditioning program here at Hanover College among the best."

-Peter Preocanin, Head Volleyball Coach


"Alex has had a tremendous impact for the football program. He has freed up the coaching staff to focus on other aspects of the program while keeping our athletes working hard in the weight room. Our program has seen vast improvements in their max outs. We are excited to see how Alex’s program that focuses on injury prevention translates to the fall."

-Hanover College Football Staff


"Alex Makin has made a tremendous impact on our women’s soccer program over the last 18 months.  Our players have grown in confidence, strength, and fitness.  We have seen a noticeable decrease in injuries and our performance on the soccer field has improved dramatically.  I would argue that the one person that has made the biggest impact on Hanover Women’s Soccer in the last two years is not a player or coach, but our Director of Sport Performance, Alex Makin."

-Jim Watts, Head Women's Soccer Coach